Machining work

- we provide a specialized team in the field of machines manufacture. We could Lathe, Boring, Drill, grinder, slotting, sawing, thread, abrasion.
- Cast any kind of ferrous and nonferrous metal.
- Special process for concrete "core drilling for all diameter and deeps".
- Our company has the recourses to bending, rolling, shear, and form all metal Work., the company has capability for many of machines like Vertical and horizontal lathes with different sizes , Boring machines , Planner machines , Shaper machines , Vertical Milling Machines “copy machine” , Millings Machines , Drilling Machines , Puncher Machines , Hopping Machines, Sawing Machines, Grinding Machines, Rebar bender Machine , Pipe Threading Machines , Slotting Machines, Bearing induction heater, CNC Cutting Machine , Plasma Cutting Machine , Rolling Machines , Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Bend Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Semi-Automatic Welding Machines , Submerged welding machine.
This value-added capability compliments our focus of machining, giving customers a one-step resource for complete fabrication and machining. This also allows us to maintain close control on processing in preparation and final product.

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