Safety Policy

Quality Policy
With increasing the global for needed of quality assurance standards. The Perfect Engineering Work is one of the leading companies as a contractor in constructions phase inside Egypt.
Perfect Engineering Work top management has established the quality policy that is consistent with the company’s strategic goals and it is highly committed to the quality management system effective implementation and its continual improvement in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 through:
  • • Providing high quality products / services that satisfy all the desires, requirements, needs and expectations of the customers.
  • • Applying all the specifications and statutory regulations that ensure the quality of products.
  • • Achieving best utilization of all available resources for continually improving the business activities in a way that achieves all desires, requirements, needs and expectations of all the company’s interested parties (customers, staff, shareholders, vendors & society …)
  • • Establishing open long-term relationships with customers.
  • • Promotion of staff engagement & teamwork concept to ensure product quality and on time delivery.
  • • PERFECT has established quality objectives that are measurable, consistent with this policy and will be periodically reviewed and discussed during the Management Review Meeting to ensure its suitability and effectiveness
  • PERFECT top management is committed to communicate this quality policy and ensure that it is fully understood and implemented by all employees within the company and the Corporate QA/QC Manager is responsible for following up the execution of this policy terms, ensuring the effective implementation of the quality management system and periodically introducing the results to managing director.
Company Policy
Perfect Engineering Work is a leading Egyptian Company specialized in carrying out the execution of petroleum and industrial projects, Steel Making Plant service, petrochemical plants, and Power station projects, in addition to fabrication of structural steel, machining Work, tanks and pipe coating. The company is fully committed to the principles of Health, Safety and Environmental Performance which encompass the framework of operations and accommodates the requirements of management, staff and the society, while applying integrated management systems for the environment, occupational health, safety and fire protection leading to continual performance improvement.
The above will be achieved through:
• Top management commitment to prevent injury and occupational diseases and continual improvement in Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Performance.
• Strict compliance with local and international standards such as 14001-2015 &45001-2018, in addition to all laws, legislations and other requirements related to the scope of work to ensure avoiding, reducing and controlling the elements that affect occupational health, safety and environment with the aim of preventing damage.
• Setting positive objectives and availing a suitable work environment, while reviewing these objectives to enhance HSE performance.
• Review the policy periodically, and as required to ensure that it remains compatible with Perfect scope of work.
• Optimum utilization of resources & equipment and application of latest technologies to cope with the sustainable development leading to improvement of work performance and loss prevention.
• Giving special attention to staff training to develop their personal skills in carrying out their tasks and increasing HSE awareness.
• All accidents, incidents and near misses will be investigated in order to prevent reoccurrence.