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Supply of Prover Tank Capacity 4500 liter 

Prover Tank Capacity 4500 liter.
Tank Material: Stainless Steel 304.
Capacity lit: 4500 lit.
Nominal Diameter mm: 1900.
Nominal Height mm: 3300.
Dry Weight Kg: 1000.
Skid Frame Construction: Steel U 120 2000mm x 2000mm.
Accessories Including :
External Ladder: Carbon steel external ladder.
Tank Hydro Test: Including.
Quality control fabrication data book: Required.
ITP: To be agreed with all parties.
100% Argon Welding

Working Process

Service Type

Surface treatment


 Soulintec Encon For Integrated Solutions

Start Date

May 2018

Work Hours

162 Houre